Hello, I'm Vaibhav Mande.

Iā€™m a Front end developer currently located in Pune, Maharashtra šŸ‡®šŸ‡³

About me
I mostly do front-end development, and Iā€™m a React nerd. I advocate strongly about test-driven development. View my certificate in React.
This is my portfolio site built using HTML, SASS and gulp. This repository hosts the source code for vaibhavmande.com
responsive web design SASS gulp
A responsive blog made using Next.js which contains quick reference material for learning JavaScript
Next.js SASS
I work using
javascript react.js redux typescript jest react-testing-library styled-components responsive web design SASS webdriver.io
Sugar log
An application to log daily sugar levels. The readings are saved and graphs are used to visualize reading trend.
react typescript jest styled-components
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